Customized training programs are available in the following topics. Programs range from a couple of hours to several days of training.

  • Collaborative Leadership and Facilitation Certificate
  •  More and more, community and government agencies are called to engage diverse individuals, organizations and stakeholders in collaborative projects and action to fulfill their mandate and achieve lasting results.  This course is designed  to provide professional facilitation training for those who are involved in multi-stakeholder processes and want to facilitate purposeful participation. During this participatory one-day workshop, we will examine the art and technique of facilitating processes that respect the diversity of interests and mandates, build lasting relationships and create commitment. You will gain new knowledge and build on your existing experience to gain confidence to lead informal and formal facilitation situations. You will take away tips and tools for dealing with difficult situations and group dynamics in multi- stakeholder initiatives to enhance the sustainability of the results. Key topics include: diversity and inclusion, participatory processes, and the role of the facilitator. 
  •  Trainers and subject matter experts are often called upon to develop and deliver effective training programs that can contribute to improving individual performance and organizational effectiveness.  During this one-day workshop participants examine the art and technique of facilitating adult learning in a classroom environment. They will be invited to consider the difference between teaching and facilitating as well as the benefits of adopting a facilitation approach. The course will cover: an understanding of adult learning principles; the role of the facilitator in the classroom; participant behaviour and appropriate facilitator response; and tips, tools, techniques on facilitation of learning include questioning and debriefing of learning activities.  
  •  This skills-based workshop will address the key aspects to designing effective classroom training programs based on the adult learning model.  The workshop will cover the design process and steps and offer templates for use in design of adult learning materials and activities in any work environment. The methods can be applied no matter what field or subject matter: from highly technical training, to soft skill development. 
  • Intercultural Effectiveness Training



Facilitation Services

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